“The Digital Marketing Industry is in a Bubble”

This article first appeared on The National Review.

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Digital marketers should pay attention to the growing digital marketing industry.

It’s a bubble.

We’ve been there before.

In the early days of the digital revolution, the advertising industry saw massive gains, then huge losses.

It was a perfect storm of growth, but also a crisis for the marketers who were the core of the industry.

The industry’s leaders, who had to grapple with the fact that digital ad revenue would likely decline as users transitioned to mobile devices and new forms of media consumption, didn’t do anything about it.

This is why digital marketing has continued to grow even as it has fallen behind traditional forms of advertising, such as radio and television.

What happened to the ad industry’s growth strategy?

The digital ad industry grew by about 8 percent annually from 2014 to 2020, according to the most recent data from digital marketer and research firm Digital Content Strategy.

But this growth, which is fueled by an influx of new digital advertisers, didn://t happen on an equal footing with traditional media advertising.

According to a 2016 study by Media Research Partners, the digital ad market is now worth $10 billion.

Yet the industry has a lot to answer for.

What happens when digital advertisers lose their digital ad business?

According to the digital industry, this loss is primarily due to the collapse of the traditional media industry, which was a significant contributor to the industry’s boom in the first place.

The digital advertising industry’s core is digital advertisers who have set up their businesses as digital platforms that deliver advertising directly to users.

In contrast to traditional media companies, digital platforms are owned by a digital network of platforms that are connected to the publishers’ digital networks.

In other words, the advertisers are in control of the platform they are using.

While traditional media is owned by media companies and media companies are owned and operated by media conglomerates, the difference is that digital platforms have no editorial or editorial oversight over their own platforms.

Instead, they are entirely controlled by advertisers and their brands.

The biggest problem with digital platforms is that the media conglomerate-owned platforms can’t compete on price or quality.

Digital platforms are also a lot more expensive to acquire, as advertisers have to pay an upfront fee for access to the platform, which means that they have to invest in marketing and branding efforts to stay relevant.

If digital platforms fail to deliver on the promise of higher ad revenue and higher digital advertising revenue, advertisers will stop coming back.

This also has a negative effect on advertisers who may choose to abandon their traditional media platforms to make the leap to digital.

The other problem is that advertising revenue is declining faster than advertisers can recoup.

A study by Nielsen found that the advertising revenue share of digital publishers fell from 26 percent in 2014 to 20 percent in 2020, and the share of traditional media fell from 48 percent to 39 percent.

Advertisers who used digital platforms, on the other hand, have a higher percentage of their advertising revenue come from digital.

This means that traditional media advertisers are losing out.

The big problem with traditional advertising is that they’re the ones who have to make those ads look good to make them feel like they are delivering value.

Traditional media advertisers also suffer from poor conversion rates.

As more and more advertisers turn to digital platforms to get the ad they need, the traditional advertisers are also facing an increasing volume of online ads.

In fact, in 2017, online ad revenue for the U.S. was about $8.2 trillion, or nearly twice as much as digital ad income, according a study by the advertising consultancy firm BrandIndex.

This has made it difficult for traditional advertisers to compete on a price-to-pay basis with digital.

How can marketers help the digital advertising market?

Here are three strategies that digital marketers should consider.

First, they should adopt a mindset of growth.

This mindset helps them recognize that digital advertising is growing exponentially and that the digital market is not yet saturated.

It also helps them take advantage of new media formats, such in the case of social media, which have the potential to help the industry compete on more than one platform.

Third, the marketers should take advantage, not just of the platforms that they own, but of the businesses they own.

For example, traditional media publishers who were content to lose their traditional business because of the decline in ad revenue are now looking for new opportunities in digital media.

Traditional publishers who can’t win on price and quality alone are not in a position to compete with digital advertising, because the industry is evolving faster than they are.

The challenge for the digital marketing business is that while it has its problems, the real challenge for advertisers is that it has a new set of problems to solve.

Digital advertising is a new business.

It requires a lot of attention and capital to succeed.

But if the digital marketers who are investing the most in their digital platforms can take advantage and deliver on all of their promises, the

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