‘I am the only woman in the room’: Why women aren’t making as much as men in tech

Today in History: October 18, 2017Today in HistoryTitle: ‘I Am the Only Woman in the Room’–Woman in a New York Times article Today’s Topic: Woman in a new New York Time articleTitle: Why Women Aren’t Making as Much as Men in Tech–Woman at a Women in Technology event article Today is the day that the women in tech industry are starting to get paid.

As part of the celebration, a new video from The Atlantic was released featuring two of the women working in the tech industry, Sarah Lacy and Jessica Livingston.

The video features Sarah Lacey, founder and CEO of Y Combinator, who told the audience: “We’re still fighting to change the culture of women in technology.

I am the one who’s trying to change that.”

Sarah Lacey is the co-founder of YC, and has previously led Y Combalator and founded Y Combs.

She is the author of the New York City Times bestseller “A Bunch of Girls in Tech” and has been named the Entrepreneur of the Year by Women in Tech, and was named a Global Entrepreneur for her work in the space.

Jessica Livingston is the CEO of the social network Medium, and is also a co-founding partner of YCombinator.

Today, she is the only women in the new York Times best-selling book “Women in Tech: A Brief History.”

It is a comprehensive history of women who have built the tech sector and are now working in it.

She also wrote the book “Girlboss: The Rise and Fall of the Female Tech Boss.”

Today, I want to take a moment to thank Jessica Livingston for coming to my interview with Sarah Lacys and Jessica Lacy, who shared a video about the struggles they are having, and their journey to being successful in tech.

I was on a plane yesterday and it was just a lovely feeling of being surrounded by other women.

Sarah Lacerys and I had an amazing conversation.

She said, “You guys are not alone.

It’s like we’re all in this together.”

And I said, yes.

And I am so grateful.

Jessica Lacyns story, of coming from a very poor background to become a successful tech entrepreneur, was also inspiring.

Jessica said, I am not a girl.

I’m a woman.

I have a family and a life.

But, I’m also an entrepreneur.

I built a company and I’m building it.

And then I’m working with entrepreneurs around the world.

I was working with women.

It was amazing.

It made me feel a lot of things that were not really easy for me to feel at that time.

She said, you have to realize that if you are an entrepreneur, you do not know where you’re going.

I think that’s the thing.

You have to think, where are we going?

And you have so many opportunities, and you have a lot to do.

And you know that the things that are really tough, the things you’re not going to like, those are going to be really hard to overcome.

I had this realization of, where am I going?

So, I had that experience.

And it was also something that I had to learn from, and I learned from Jessica.

And that’s really inspiring.

So, thank you Jessica, you are amazing.

I love you.

And, Sarah, thank your family and I think this is going to make you a great entrepreneur.

We’re gonna start working together. Thank you.

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