The Trump White House is making sure that the U.S. digital marketing industry knows its future: The new CEO

In the weeks before his inauguration, President Donald Trump signed a decree declaring that “digital marketing” would be a “national priority.”

The White House, it said, would make sure that all federal agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission, were required to “implement digital marketing strategies to achieve digital success in a timely manner and to achieve the highest levels of quality.”

But in the days that followed, the Trump administration’s digital efforts seemed to stall, with some officials complaining about a lack of coordination among agencies and even some industry officials.

As the Obama administration struggled to craft a digital strategy, many executives were surprised when the Trump White, in the wake of the election, announced a $100 million investment to build a $1 billion “digital strategy center.”

Now, as digital marketers head into a new administration, the White House seems intent on creating an environment that gives it an advantage over its peers.

The Digital Marketing Association, a trade group that represents major digital marketers, said the administration has “set a new standard” for the future of digital marketing and is doing everything it can to “preserve the existing legacy of digital and online marketing.”

The president, it says, is “moving quickly to build the next-generation digital strategy center, while also promoting the existing digital strategy of the Obama Administration.”

The group’s CEO, Dan Greenfield, says Trump has put a lot of focus on the role of technology in the digital economy and wants to “build upon and improve” it.

He added that Trump is “focused on bringing digital talent to the White Houses team to help accelerate digital marketing efforts and to help ensure the new digital strategy is effective and scalable.”

The new administration’s efforts to establish a digital plan also seem aimed at some of the companies that have struggled to survive in a tough digital environment:, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter.

While many companies have thrived in a digital age, they are under increasing pressure to keep up with the ever-changing ways consumers consume information.

Companies are now required to provide customers with content that’s available online.

And many are still struggling to compete with apps, which have become increasingly popular as they offer more personalized content.

But the administration is hoping to provide digital marketers with some of those tools to help them do more with fewer resources.

For the next year, the government is seeking to establish the Digital Strategy Center, which will be led by an independent expert appointed by the Commerce Secretary.

That expert will be tasked with identifying and identifying digital initiatives, identifying how they can be applied across federal agencies and working to determine which ones are best for the digital marketplaces they serve.

And the White Congress is set to establish new rules to encourage digital companies to expand their businesses, while protecting their brands.

That’s the first step toward building a digital future that will help the businesses that have traditionally been dominant, including Amazon, Google, Netflix and Apple, and will provide a stable future for the American economy.

That includes those that have the resources to hire a chief technology officer and invest in the next generation of digital products.

“It’s going to be the digital revolution of the 21st century,” said David G. Brown, a partner at Bain & Company, a Boston-based investment firm.

“You can’t imagine how big that digital revolution is going to turn out to be.

It’s going be so massive and so big, it’s going, like, beyond our comprehension.”

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