What you need to know about digital marketing Milwaukee

By David BauderThe city’s digital marketing arm is a big moneymaker.

It’s a $1.6 billion operation that employs more than 7,000 people, handles more than a quarter of the city’s online traffic, and generates nearly $4 billion in revenue each year.

That’s why, when the city launched its $3.6 million digital marketing pilot last week, the city was expected to receive $400,000 from the National Institute of Justice for the project.

The city had previously received $200,000 for the pilot.

The federal grant is intended to help the agency develop tools and services that can help businesses get digital marketing to their customers, said Chris Doyen, director of digital marketing for the city.

The Digital Marketing Unit (DMU) at the Milwaukee Police Department will take part in the pilot and will help businesses manage their digital marketing efforts, according to the department.

This will include using digital marketing strategies to get customers to use their services.DMU is part of the Milwaukee Department of Technology, Innovation and Economic Development.DMHID is a $10 million, multi-agency program to help cities build a digital footprint, with a focus on improving public safety, promoting economic growth and helping local businesses.

It also includes $1 million in grants and contracts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and $1,000 per person from the US Department of Agriculture, according a Milwaukee-based government relations firm.

The Milwaukee Police department has received $400K from the city of Milwaukee for its digital marketing initiative.

The $3,000 grant is aimed at helping cities create digital marketing strategy tools and resources to help businesses with digital marketing, according the department’s announcement.

“The program will include training for police departments, training for staff and support to support the development of digital outreach strategies and services,” Doyens said in a statement.

The department also will provide the city with digital media advertising and other services that will be delivered to businesses.

The department’s digital ad strategy will include video, digital content, and other digital elements, Doyensen said.

“DMHIDS digital advertising efforts will include digital signage, social media, and social media outreach, and will include new and existing digital advertising campaigns to promote Milwaukee’s brand, the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Bucks players, and the city,” Duryea said in the statement.DMID is also looking at new and additional ways to help Milwaukee businesses promote themselves and their business, including online marketing, digital distribution, digital marketing tools, and a digital marketing platform, Duryee said in his statement.

“We will also develop a digital analytics platform for the Milwaukee city and county, and provide technical assistance for our partners to help them better understand and optimize their digital outreach efforts.”

Duryea, a former assistant city manager in the Milwaukee police department, is the first chief of the department to be named an EMHID Fellow, which is a designation that recognizes individuals with expertise in the area of technology and human resources.

Durye will be a part of a panel of six EMHIDs that will provide recommendations on how to expand the department and its digital strategy, according an EMHD statement.

The EMHD’s advisory committee is made up of people who are in a variety of areas related to technology and digital, including the director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Office of the Inspector General, a member of the National Advisory Council on Federal Contracts, and an EMHS member, according EMHD.

“This is a great opportunity to learn from people in this space, and learn about what works and what doesn’t, and what is still being done and what needs to be done to make our digital efforts more effective and scalable,” Doryea said.

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