How to grow your digital marketing business without losing sight of your brand

More than 40% of digital marketers surveyed by the online advertising and marketing industry this week say they’re having trouble selling their products to people.

The most common complaints include poor search engine results, poor conversion rates, poor targeting, poor search rankings and poor brand visibility.

“I think the big thing is not that we’re not getting results,” said Josh Wachter, an entrepreneur who works with brands and is one of the founders of The Hub.

“The biggest thing is that we need to be focused on getting the right result, not chasing results.”

Wachter said he thinks many brands and agencies have been focused on the idea of building a brand and a marketing organization and that the more focus on that, the better.

“The best marketers are going to build the brand, not just sell the product,” he said.

Wachters digital marketing experience began at the start of the year, when he was recruited to work on a digital marketing campaign with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

He was part of a team that was able to launch a brand awareness campaign and a website for a company that had lost money on its advertising.

“We didn’t even have the brand on the website,” he recalled.

“It was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be.”

After a few weeks, the team decided to test the waters and hire Wachters.

The idea behind the campaign was to show the public that the Canadian Chambers of Commerce had become a real business, with people buying products, building websites and marketing campaigns, rather than just an advertising agency.

The campaign has helped bring awareness to the Chamber’s business and its ability to attract and retain employees.

“What we have learned is the Chamber of Canada is a real brand,” said Wachts co-founder, Mike Hickey.

“And if you do a good job of marketing and building a relationship with the Chamber, people will buy from you.”

He said there’s no secret formula to winning over consumers.

“I think you have to build that relationship, have that relationship and have the connection and have that customer base and then it will pay off.”

While he said many companies are focusing on brand awareness, he thinks the key to winning a consumer’s trust is to build a strong social media presence.

“One of the big things is to be engaging, not engaging with negative or boring content that doesn’t connect with the consumer,” he explained.

Wechters website is now selling products and marketing strategies through Shopify, and he said he’s already seen a return on investment from the campaign.

He also said that he wants to be a part of the next generation of digital marketing leaders.

“If I can help someone else, then I’ll help someone in the future,” he added.

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