When the next digital campaign is launched, how will the social media platform respond?

The social media platforms have had a busy week in terms of digital advertising and advertising strategy, with Google announcing that it will launch a new campaign targeting millennials in October.

The campaign, dubbed ‘Make Our Day,’ is aimed at the Millennial Generation, a group of voters who are more likely to have smartphones and computers, according to Google.

“Millennials, in particular, are more connected to social media, and they are increasingly willing to share information online.

This makes them more likely than their elders to take advantage of new technology,” Google said in a press release.

The social marketing campaign will feature digital images and videos that show people enjoying activities like hiking, camping, biking, and playing sports.

The digital campaigns will launch on October 11.

“Make Our Days will focus on building a network of influencers, brands and influencers who will engage with and engage with influencers on the Make Our Day platform, helping drive awareness of Make Our Days and its products and services,” Google wrote.

“The influencers and brands that make the content will have a direct impact on our efforts to reach and engage Millennials through the Make Your Day digital marketing platform.”

It’s a major change from previous campaigns, which were aimed at millennials.

Last year, Facebook launched a campaign called ‘I Feel Lucky’ that targeted millennials, which focused on the concept of being a “viral hero” in the social network.

That campaign was launched in February, but it was met with backlash from social media users.

The ‘Make Your Day’ campaign, however, has the benefit of not targeting millennials directly.

The platform has been making a concerted effort to get millennials involved with its digital marketing efforts, but this is the first campaign targeting them directly.

“This campaign will be targeted at millennials who share content, and we want to be sure they are part of the conversations and discussions around this campaign,” a spokesperson for Facebook told The Verge.

“We also want to build a platform that allows people to make their voices heard and connect with influencer and brands across the world.”

In a statement, Facebook added that the campaign will target influencers “to help build a stronger community of content creators, influencers for content, content creators for brands and brands to help drive the Make our day conversation and drive traffic to their content.”

Google has been a prominent presence in digital advertising, especially with its ‘Million Views’ campaign that targeted users to post a billion videos to its YouTube channel.

This year, Google also launched a digital advertising campaign targeting its employees and users.

In February, Google said it would launch a digital marketing campaign targeting employees, including its top talent, and users of its mobile apps.

“Our goal is to connect people with brands, advertisers and influencer networks through our search engine and other tools to help them find and engage in conversations around topics of relevance,” Google’s director of digital media, Matt O’Leary, said in the press release announcing the campaign.

“One of the most important things we can do is help them get the conversation going about their brands and their products.

Our team is committed to helping them get that started.”

Google also announced a new digital advertising program, ‘Digital Media, Digital Advertising & Digital Marketing,’ which will target its employees.

“It’s important for us to take the opportunity to create meaningful, relevant content and engage our people,” O’Brien said.

“In the end, we want them to be better consumers of digital marketing, and this is why we are launching a digital campaign that will reach out to our employees and customers through the platform.”

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