Check out the best hotels for the digital marketing automation market

The hotel automation market is expected to grow by 10% to $40 billion by 2021, according to a report from research firm Accenture.

Hotel automation has become a huge part of the hotel industry, especially in the U.S., where it is one of the most popular ways to automate customer service and help people navigate a booking process.

But for the hospitality industry, automation is a way to improve productivity.

The hotel industry has traditionally relied on human staff to handle the tasks.

That has created a number of problems, like a lack of information and information overload.

The new report from Accenture points to the rise of digital marketing as an alternative to human staff.

In the future, hotel operators could use their existing IT team to automate tasks, such as the booking process, or add new tasks that would be more focused on the customer, such a booking assistant, according the report.

It also mentions hotel automation could be used to improve customer service, as it would eliminate repetitive tasks and would allow guests to be more productive, as they would no longer need to rely on human staffing to handle their requests.

Accenture also pointed to hotel automation as a way for the industry to address the growing costs of digital technology.

In a survey conducted earlier this year, 77% of hotel owners said they had invested in digital marketing technology, with 38% saying they had hired an automated service provider.

That’s a significant increase from last year, when just 11% of owners had invested.

The study also found that over the last four years, hotel automation is responsible for $3 billion in hotel revenue.

Accent said it believes hotel automation will be a major player in hotel automation, as hotels have been slow to embrace the technology.

“The hotel industry is facing a huge shift in customer behavior as they seek a more automated experience,” the company wrote in a statement.

Accenting said that hotel automation has also helped increase the profitability of hotels.

In its study, Accenture estimated that the hotel automation industry will add $1.5 billion to the U,S.

economy in 2021.

That figure is up by about 25% from 2016.

Accented is also optimistic about hotel automation’s impact on the hotel business.

Accurate data is a big part of how hotel operators use automation.

Accente said that the digital technology market is the second largest after the hotel space, and that the trend is likely to continue.

“There are multiple ways to build a hotel.

One is by automation, and the other is through a combination of the two,” said Accenture Senior Economist Kevin M. O’Reilly.

“Automation is not just a technology that can be built by developers; it is a business strategy that must be driven by the hotel operator.”

The hotel market is a growing area for digital marketing and automation, with a growing number of hotel chains.

The number of hotels in the United States is expected be growing by 15% over the next five years, according a recent study by the Institute of Hotel Management Association.

The growth will be driven mainly by the growth of Airbnb and other social media platforms, which have become more popular in the hotel segment.

Hotel owners are also increasingly investing in technology that helps guests stay connected, with Airbnb, Uber, and others all offering technology that allows guests to check in to their hotel and book rooms.

The report from The Verge is available in PDF, Scribd, and other formats here.

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