When can you get a digital marketing insurance policy?

New York-based digital marketing insurer Cushman & Meyers is looking for a digital product specialist who can provide support to a digital strategy team that helps them to understand how to best leverage the latest technologies and best practices.

The job posting comes amid an ongoing national debate about the merits of digital marketing.

The digital marketing industry has seen a steady decline in revenue in recent years, as companies shift to newer and more flexible technologies and adopt less stringent advertising rules.

“Digital marketing is growing, but there are a lot of barriers that are holding back the digital strategy,” said Mark Zenga, chief marketing officer at Cushmann &amp.; Meyers.

“You’re not going to be able to scale to a market of 10 billion users, and there are no easy answers for that.”

Digital marketing is still the fastest growing industry in Australia, with $US1.5 billion of digital advertising being sold each month, according to Nielsen.

But digital marketing is expected to decline by $US400 million to $US2.5bn in 2021, according the Australian National University’s digital marketing conference.

In a report released in March, the National Australia Bank warned that the digital marketing market could be a $US3 trillion market by 2035, with many of these companies focusing on mobile and mobile-only businesses.

“It’s really an industry that is very fragmented, where it’s very hard to tell who’s in charge,” said Paul Hoe, director of research and analytics at NAB.

“But it’s the big companies that are taking over.

So, the bigger the market size, the more fragmented that becomes.”

In the US, Cushmans has more than 100 employees across its digital marketing team.

It’s also looking for someone who can help the digital team plan and execute campaigns that leverage new technology, such as mobile marketing and social media.

“If you can identify where your product or service is going to resonate with your audience, you can tailor it to the audience,” said Zengas chief executive.

“That can lead to more engagement and higher engagement and better return on investment.”

The digital strategy position will require a strong grasp of the latest trends in digital marketing and digital strategy, which is a key aspect of the job posting, according Toorak Digital Marketing’s Rob Taylor.

“The digital strategy role is an exciting opportunity,” said Taylor.

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