How to create your own digital marketing coloradans: How to build your own content, generate leads and grow your digital brand

coloradas digital marketing is booming in the U.S. and other parts of the world.The digital marketing industry is worth $2.8 trillion and has grown at more than 70 percent per year since 2010, according to the US Department of Commerce.But what exactly is digital marketing?It’s a term used to describe any marketing that involves digitalRead More

When to go for a digital marketing campaign?

Digital marketing has never been a profitable venture, but its growing popularity has forced many to try it.In this article, we look at when to go to the digital marketing event, when to invest in a marketing budget, and when to do both.Read more about digital marketing.1.When to use a digital campaign article In today’sRead More

Which company has the most online marketing?

If you were wondering which digital marketing company has been the most successful in the past year, then you are in luck because we’ve gathered a few stats to help you decide which one you should consider investing in.Here are the top 5 digital marketing companies on Forbes.1.Digital Marketing Corporation (DMC)DMC was founded in 2014Read More

How to be the best digital marketing spokesperson

How do you make sure your digital marketing messages reach the right people?Here are five steps you can take to make sure you reach the audience you want:1.Create a clear message.If you’re working with a brand or agency to develop a digital campaign, it’s important to create a clear, concise message for the audience.For example,Read More

How to market your digital skills in the digital economy

Digital marketers are often overlooked in the market.But they’re key to any business that can grow.And it’s no coincidence that digital marketing is the fastest growing field in the world.With over 400 million active users, and growing, there’s no shortage of digital skills that will help you stand out.Start by learning about how to buildRead More

How to Build a Digital Marketing Business

An infographic, a video, a story, a blog post, or a press release: Anything is a story!The infographic can be a compelling article, a compelling infographic, or even a compelling blog post.It can even be a powerful video.And, if you’re really passionate about it, you can write a full-fledged blog post that can be sharedRead More

MTV has acquired digital marketing startup Prodigi for £1.8bn

MTV is acquiring digital marketing company Prodigia for £3.5bn in a deal worth around £1bn, the channel has announced.The deal will see MTV spin out its global advertising operations into the new company, which will be headed up by former UK chief executive David Bate.The news comes as the channel is considering how to adaptRead More

What you need to know about digital marketing Milwaukee

By David BauderThe city’s digital marketing arm is a big moneymaker.It’s a $1.6 billion operation that employs more than 7,000 people, handles more than a quarter of the city’s online traffic, and generates nearly $4 billion in revenue each year.That’s why, when the city launched its $3.6 million digital marketing pilot last week, the cityRead More

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